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Jen Lema

Group Instructor/ Personal Trainer

Jen Lema is an NASM certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, TRX Level 1 instructor and Kickboxing Skill and Drills Instructor. She has balanced her professional career and family life for over two decades with a rigorous travel schedule. She appreciates the challenges of planning exercise and nutrition under challenging circumstances. She started her fitness journey over 4 years and 25 pounds ago! She brings the experience of her own transformation coupled with unbridled energy to educate clients about exercise technique and self-care to maximize individual results. Who is ready to become the best version of yourself?


Jerrica McKee

Yoga Instuctor

Jerrica started yoga to help her lose weight and improve her health, and found it while bringing her much more. Jerrica practices because of the way it makes her feel physically and emotionally. Yoga provides her with a community of people she learns from, feels supported by and can rely on. 

Jerrica firmly believes that yoga is for everyone and that it provides a safe space to learn and grow. Jerrica helps her students gain a deeper understanding of their bodies and mind as they move towards independence in their own practice. She creates a sense of community and love in her classes through strong breath and challenging sequences. Jerrica hopes you will fall in love with your own yoga journey just as she has.


Mary Jo

Zumba Instructor

Mary Jo started teaching group fitness classes in 1991.  For two decades she taught multiple class formats including Step Aerobics, Cardio Kickboxing, Boot Camp, Muscle Sculpting, Pilates and Yoga.  Then, in 2011 she found Zumba and fell in love.  Once she began to teach Zumba she increased her skill level by attending several Zumba instructor trainings including Basic Level 2, Pro Skills, Zumba Gold, and Zumba Kids.Currently she teaches several Zumba classes per week, does Zumba Kids birthday parties. In addition to her current Zumba licenses, she is Barre certified through Barre Above, and holds AFAA certifications in group fitness and cardio kickboxing. 


Heather Hopkins

Group Instructor

Heather is an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor. Her fitness journey started about 3 years ago when she met her personal trainer and nutritionist and lost over 100 pounds. She has learned so much throughout her own fitness journey and quickly developed a passion for fitness. She loves to work with others to help them achieve their goals as well with support and motivation.

Her other passions are her full-time job as a special education teacher and her family. She likes to have fun and try new things also whenever she can.


Alyson's passion for fitness began with 25 years spent in a dance studio, as both a student and instructor.  Several years ago, she began to incorporate other forms of exercise and strength training into her life and was presented with the opportunity to be a fitness coach. It was a natural transition back to the class setting.  She began with certifications in CIZE Live and Insanity Live, then went on to earn certifications as an ACE Group Fitness Instructor and NASM Certified Personal Trainer. 

She is excited for the next part of her journey and looks forward to helping more people build strength, confidence, and habits for a healthy lifestyle.


Jenna is a certified cycling instructor with a passion to motivate others into achieving their goals.
She began cycling as a way to relieve stress and anxiety but found she wanted to expand herself
into the fitness world by getting her Schwinn Cycling Certification. She puts her all into her
classes from the music to drills; she wants everyone to feel comfortable and push themselves to
the best of their abilities because every rider is different. Aside from cycling, Jenna is a
Preschool Teacher, and holds a B.A. from Rhode Island College.


Susan has been group certified through the AFAA for over nine years. She is First Aid, CPR and AED certified. She is a Jazzercise instructor as well as a Youfit GX coach. She’s taught multiple types of group fitness classes, bringing change and variety to each one. She is also a PTA Global certified personal trainer. She enjoys helping people achieve their fitness goals. Susan understands that every client is unique and so are there needs. She is passionate about fitness and helping people feel good about themselves. When not training Susan works part time in a salon as a nail technician.

smithfield fitness_edited.png

Zac started his fitness journey at this location 15 years ago. After high school, he took some health and fitness classes at CCRI and realized he wanted to be a personal trainer. Zac obtained his personal training diploma at NPTI ( National Personal Training Institute) as well as becoming NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified. In the 7 years he has been a personal trainer, he has also acquired two specialty certifications from NASM – Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Corrective Exercise Specialist.

Zac has the knowledge and experience to create personalized programs for individuals of various ages, abilities and fitness levels. Using his Corrective Exercise Certification, he can help improve range of motion, posture and pain reduction in certain areas like the knees, shoulders and lower back.

One of Zac's favorite hobbies is growing a fruit and vegetable garden.  Some of his other hobbies include, cars, football, kayaking and retro video games.

Jenna Cipriano

Spin Instructor

Susan Porcelli

Group Instructor &
Personal Trainer

Group Instructor

/ Personal Trainer

Alyson Morelle

Zac Swanton

Personal Trainer &
Group Instructor

Group Instructor

Dance Fitness Instructor

Jackie Murrant

Group Instructor/ Small group trainer

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